My favorite childhood computer game

I can just close my eyes and remember the excitement I felt when my dad brought home our fist computer, back in 1998. I was in the forth grade, and at that time it was really cool to have a computer because very few people actually had one. After an hour or two of setting it up and getting his way around it, my dad let me play on the computer. I was overjoyed. And the first game I played was Jazz Rabbit 2.  It was a platform game produced by Epic MegaGames, the sequel for Jazz Rabbit and it had actually been released that year.

I don’t know if you know about the game but the idea of it was for Jazz to chase Devan Shell (the bad character in the play) through time, in order to retrieve the ring with which he planned to wed Eva (his girlfriend). You also have Spaz, who is Jazz’s brother – a goofy and pretty crazy rabbit.

What can I say… that first night I played the game for two hours, and although my bedtime was at 9 pm (because I was in the forth grade), my parents allowed me to stay on the computer one more hour. I think that’s one of those moments in life that you can never forget and f you close your eyes you can actually visualize the way everything happened.

My best friend and I played Jazz for about 3-4 years. Then I think we kind of grew out of it. But I remember it as the most enjoyable computer game of my childhood. I think I even got to the end with it. I mean, I did get to the end with it. I absolutely loved the game. Ad since I was a girl I mostly appreciated the colors, the cute characters, all those places Jazz had to go to and the fact that there was a girl involved in the whole story.

I just became a tad melancholic, and I think I know what I’ll be playing tonight. Maybe I’ll invite my best friend over and play :).

What was your favorite childhood computer game?

P.S. Oh yeah, the game I’m playing right now is called Red Remover from 🙂 Try it, it will get you hooked!

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