Do you remember Worms?

The whole thing with Jazz Jackrabbit reminded me of another game I used to play when I was little, and which I was extremely attached to, meaning Worms. I’m sure you remember it because at that time it was extremely popular and everybody was playing it. I’m particularly fond of the game because I used to play it with my dad. I know, maybe it sounds cheesy, but that game was one of the things that gave our relationship a special something. It’s not something that you can describe in words, but it’s one of those feelings that makes you feel all warm inside and also makes you love your parents even more.

For all of you who don’t know what the game is about, I’m just going a few things. First of all, as you might of guessed it’s a game with worms and what they do is that they try to shoot each other.  Basically the players, in turn, move small worms on certain landscape (randomly generated) and they use whatever nasty weapon they can put their hands on to shoot the opposing worms.As weapons you have bazookas, shotguns, fragmentation grenades etc. Besides the simple appearance of a shoot-’em-up, in Worms you have to develop a very keen sense regarding the best angle and force to fire weapon. Once you get the hang of it you get hooked, irrespective of the fact that you are a child or an adult.

Personally, I remember that the game was so much fun especially because there were a lot of very cute sound effects. When the worms would miss their target, or when they would get blown up, or when they would hit the enemy. The good thing, also, was the act that it was a multiplayer game and you could go up to 16 players (too much if you ask me). But I once played it with my dad, my best friend and her dad. It was an absolute hoot!

So, if you’re looking for a funny shoot-’em-up game, with cute characters, but that can also satisfy you’re need for blood and terror 🙂 I would definitely recommend Worms! If you’re interested, I know that most recently, they released a version for Wii and PlayStation Portable, Worms: Battle Islands.

I know it’s not the same, but right now I’m playing GunBot on It’s a really cool shooting game! 😉

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