Lara Croft – Sex symbol

I was playing this cute game on yesterday, called Shift-X-Mess where this hot female character, dressed as Santa’s helper shoots a bunch of guys, and it reminded me, for some odd reason, of Lara Croft. I then started looking up some news on her and I discovered the fact that she was getting a make over for her new adventure in the next game they have entitled Tomb Raider. And just as it happens, Lara Croft is actually one of my favorite female game character. I wouldn’t know to say exactly why I like her so much, it’s probably because she’s very hot and she can kick some serious ass :D.

I remember the way she was designed in the first Tomb Raider series. She wasn’t all that attractive in her looks, at least not for me as a girl, but what I liked was the story behind her. Lara was an intelligent, athletic archaeologist and adventurer just going across the world to explore ancient, dangerous tombs and ruins. I think it appealed to my ever present desire to travel the world and adventure seeking nature.

Over the years, and the they came out with different versions of the game, Lara got hotter and hotter. And we have to all admit it, her main attraction was her bust. In 2008, two UGO Networks and GameDaily put her at the top of the list of hottest video game characters. Not to mention the fact that PlayStation: The Official Magazine named her  Game Babe of the Year. Now, personally I like the fact that she’s so hot, but the issue remains the fact that she walks a fine line between sexuality, empowerment and objectification. And this has always been the subject of heated debate. Regardless of that I think she just has to be seen as a game character and taken as such. If I, as a girl, like the way she looks and have no problem with it, then neither should other people.

But going back to Lara per say, I found her to look absolutely hot in Underworld. Of course the graphics were better so that helped a lot 🙂 Just look at her:

Oh and at the end let’s not forget about Angelina Jolie 🙂

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